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Jim Crace

Board Member and Pastor

Our Mission

Join an event, host an event, set up an event.

100% of all money raised goes to help others fighting colon cancer, colon cancer education and to help families in need. Team Tori also gives an annual Scholarship to a special young person from Toris High School. 

Lisa Medders

Founder and mother of Tori Riley.

Tori was a loving daughter, sister, family member, friend and incredible person. She was just 24 years old when diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. The many treatments she had can’t even be counted. She showed incredible courage and in turn has been shown an enormous amount of compassion by others. "Team Tori NFP" has helped our family make it through such a tremendously difficult time both by showing their love and support and also financial help. 
She was a warrior and Superwoman that impacted a lot of people the 26 years she lived.
When you’re in a fight like hers, it is so helpful to have milestones of hope along the way. 
My Goal as her mom is to give hope to other young adults with colon cancer. I will be reaching out to help with the little things that matter. Co-pay, a light bill, a car payment and try and take a little stress off the fight. I want to educate others about colon cancer and how important your colon is to your overall health. We need laws changed to allow screening to be covered by the insurance earlier than it is. 

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Laura Wheeler

Board Member and Book keeper

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Tori Riley.

Colon Cancer isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round fight needs you. Devote  some of your time, money or ideas and see first-hand the families we help.

​Donate your time, money, ideas.

To give hope to other young adults with colon cancer by reaching out to help with the little things that matter.